Friday, October 3, 2014

All things you need to know about cocktail

I have thought cocktail primitive is began made in era ancient Greece and ancient Rome, ancient Egypt. This is what the quality of (was beer and wine) alcoholic beverages at the time far less than the modern was a means for correcting the taste.

You have saved those mix (such as clay or Sokonmokuhi) Secondary material in helping add heat to the wine deteriorated and oxidation, was condensed ancient Rome, in ancient Greece, and than was preserved. It has been drinking by dividing it with water is drinking of wine in general, this applies to the definition of "liquor + something".

Also, plus a variety of Secondary material in beer have been drinking in ancient Egypt, for this, (plus calmi, honey) Carmi, (plus zythum, such as saffron and fennel) Chizumu , there was a (plus korma, honey and ginger) Koruma. Here also applies to the definition of "liquor + something". Additional cocktails as a primitive, there are were made Tang as "wine + horse milk".

In this way, it was a cocktail that had been drunk in the "cold", but when it comes to the Middle Ages, habit of "drinking warm cocktail" is gradually born in the time of the cold winter. As a vestige, van show of France in the modern (: Gløgg, Nuo: Ding Gløgg):: Mulled Vine (French vin chaud), German (Germany Gluhwein), Greg Nordic things like have been drinking. In addition, the Middle Ages is also the era distilled liquor was created by alchemists who, it is also a variety of cocktails era was born. Be noted as those who were born in this era (British: Francis Negus) British Army Colonel Francis Negus (: Negus, port wine + water + sugar + lemon + nutmeg + brandy UK), India Negus that has been devised there is said to be originated "punch-style" is (see below).

In recent years, using the ice "cold drink" is the mainstream, but these cocktails to appear it is that much later, and from becoming the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It was the reason "ice because was valuables until the modern" is of that but, by Carl von Linde developed the ice-making machine in 1876, at any time to be able to get the ice throughout the year rang. This, and "Martini" and "Manhattan", a new genre, recipes that are the epitome of cocktail is records are often conceived at present.

New cocktail of them were those born in the United States, but by the bartender who lost their jobs by the Prohibition and World War I were moving to Europe, it became so that it will spread to the whole world there.

The beginning of the 19th century, skirmish did not put up between Mexican army led by VIII axolotl and the southern United States Army. But when there, it was decided that the truce agreement being reached. Upon armistice negotiations, liquor is subjected to first. Have a cup filled with drink himself Rashiki was formulated, beautiful woman appeared in place, but that was not the only one cup, the atmosphere of the place is something disturbing.

That cup that only one, it means that either Mexico King or General of the United States Army, either drink earlier, those who were turned in after, is it not? Feel to be "insulting themselves" because there is a concern that. However, sash disturbing air and drip head reverently and smile, that beautiful woman drank the sake of its own cup. This solve the tension of the fly, negotiations end in success. The end of the agreement negotiations, and ask about the beauty generals of a sharp wit, even though there was no, that the king was in that beautiful woman himself answered proudly.

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